General French course

Next session for complete beginners (A0) on Monday, February 3rd

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General french

EDAM Paris offers french courses for foreign students from A1 to C1 level.
We offer the students the possibility to communicate, express themselves, share their thoughts and their cultural values for a better integration in the french society.


    You don’t speak french yet ? The beginner course is made for you !
    You will get all necessary tools for parisian life in 8 weeks.
    You will be able to:
    – introduce yourself
    – say hi to somebody
    – talk about yourself
    – understand and give informations and simple instructions
    – give an advice
    – do daily activities (shopping, go to restaurant…)


    You would like to understand and participate in basic conversations ? Join our A2 french courses !
    You will be able to:
    describe simple situations in the past and future tense
    talk about your habits
    express prediction
    give your opinion
    express your tastes, your feelings
    compare and suggest


    Are you comfortable in daily life situations ? Improve your level with our french courses for B1 level.
    You will be able to:
    nuance your opinion
    express a wish
    express the condition, certainty and possibility
    talk about past, present and future
    talk about social events


    Would you like to improve your skills in French ? Registrate to B2 level classes.
    This course offers the keys for your future thanks to an intensive learning to upgrade your French level. You will be able to:
    – lead an academic and professional life
    – take part in a debate
    – express an abstract thought


    After completing level B2, at the end of level C1, you will be able to:
    – listen and read effortlessly to long documents on complex topics
    – understand cultural and historical references, implicit informations, different used language registers
    – express themselves orally continuously and in writing on complex subjects, with an appropriate language register, using a flexible varied vocabulary
    – master the diversity of well-argued writings and the synthesis of documents

Our courses

All our courses are created according to the CECRL descriptors and organized around a pragmatic objective including the four competencies of: :

Oral production
Written production
Listening comprehension
Reading comprehension

Our objectives:
Use of authentic and modern documents
Distribution of students into mini-groups (maximum 10 students)
Action perspective: learning by doing

If you have any questions about French courses or to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We respond quickly, during business hours.

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