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Written expression

Thanks to this workshop, you can consider university studies, and even engage yourself in a professional life.

On the agenda:
– Improve the writing of reasoned writings
– Improve the writing of formal and informal letters
– Enrich written vocabulary
– Strengthen spelling skills

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& Phonetics

The Conversation & Phonetics workshop offers students the opportunity to improve their level of French through various ongoing activities. Through conversation & phonetics you will be able to interact in everyday activities.

On the agenda:
– Reinforce the distinction between different vowels and consonants
– Improve the pronunciation of certain sounds and syllables
– Improve prosody
– Develop expression techniques for a presentation
– Improve speaking skills in an interview or debate

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The grammar workshop, an effective workshop that allows students to progress rapidly and face the challenges of the French language. A workshop composed of various conjugation exercises.

On the agenda:
Reinforce the knowledge and use of sentence types, tenses and modes, adjectives, conjugation of common verbs, pronouns, prepositions and adverbs, logical relationships.

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